Graduate students

David LeGros (MSc candidate)



Contact information

Dept. of Biology, S625, Laurentian University

Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, On, P3E2C6

Phone: +1-705-675-1151 ext.2700



I have always been interested in reptiles and amphibians and after completing my undergraduate degree at Trent University, I began my MSc. at Laurentian on amphibian ecology with Dr. David Lesbarrères. The focus of this project will be on decommissioned logging roads, road effects and mitigation techniques for amphibians in Algonquin Provincial Park. Roads fragment habitat, but also create edge effects, reducing the quality of habitat for many amphibians, I am interested in how much land area is affected by road effects. By testing mitigation techniques such as amphibian tunnels and placement of coarse woody debris, we may reduce the impact of logging roads and provide more appealing places for amphibians to cross roads. Prior work includes reproductive ecology of spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) in Algonquin Park and investigating the aerial foraging, diversity and sexual dimorphism of burying beetles (Nicrophorus sp.).