Graduate students

James Baxter-Gilbert (Msc candidate)



Contact information

Dept. of Biology, S608, Laurentian University

Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, On, P3E2C6



Project overview

I am a master's student of Dr. Jacqueline Litzgus  and Dr. David Lesbarreres. My project is looking at the effectiveness of the mitigation measures along the Highway 69/400 corridor, in Ontario, to reduce the negative effects roads have on reptiles. Many reptile species living along the Georgian Bay Coastline, including snakes and turtles, are at-risk. My goal is to better our understanding of how effective these conservation measures are, and whether they should be implemented more extensively, or if they need to be altered to better protect these rare species.


In the media

November 2012: CBC Morning North radio show at


October 2012: Anishinabek News