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Pierre Echaubard (PhD 2012)



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I am interested in diverse elements of the ecology and evolution of host-parasite systems ranging from specific host-pathogen genotypic interactions to community-based functional mechanisms (dilution effect, parasite mediated competition) through life history traits evolution. While focusing mainly on theoretical aspects I’m also designing tengential conservation projects  using my current host-parasite study system: the amphibians and their Emergent Infectious Diseases (EIDs). I designed my current project according to these interests and in conjunction with current conceptual trends. I aimed to develop an integrative approach on my system that investigate deterministic mechanisms at different level of host-parasite organization (genotypic interactions, life history tradeoffs and community level processes), to evaluate the cascading repercussions they have on each other and therefore to reveal  the link between evolutionary and ecological processes. To my opinion host-parasite systems are particularly prompt to  illustrate such connections and very usefull to support the relevance of such an extended  evolutionary-ecology framework.  


Pierre Echaubard, K Little, B Pauli, D Lesbarreres. 2010. Context-dependent effects of Ranaviral infection on northern leopard frog life history traits. PLoSone, 5(10): e13723.



Pierre Echaubard, David Lesbarreres. 2009. Fragmentation d'habitat, reduction de diversite gén --> étique et prevalence parasitaire. Le cas de la grenouille léopard (Rana pipiens). Comptes rendus de la 16eme journée des Sciences et savoir de  l'Association Canadienne Francophone pour le Savoir.



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